Iyengar & Pai Advocates is a law firm founded by Sushant Pai & Vaibav M lyengar who are Advocates enrolled with the Karnataka Star Bar Council with the right to appear and practice throughout India.

Sushant and Vaibav have Great proficiency, practical Knowledge and facility in civil and commercial litigation, with active courtroom appearance in various fora, including the High Court of Karnataka, Civil Courts in Bangalore and out skirts of Bangalore, Debts Recovery Tribunal, Consumer Courts, Magistrate Courts, Small Causes Courts and Labour Courts.

They have appeared and conducted cases before courts of Original Jurisdiction, Appellate Jurisdiction, Revenue Courts (DC & AC), Writ Jurisdiction, Revisional Jurisdiction, Karnataka Electricity Regulatory Commission, Debts Recovery Tribunal, etc. They have the experience and expertise of having conducted trials in litigations pertaining to the above and in conducting and strategizing the course of such litigation.

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S. Sushant Venkatesh Pai

B.A.L., L.L., B.

Sushant is one of the founding partnersof the law – firm, “lyengar & Pai Advocates” (‘Firm’) based in Bangalore. He graduated with a B.A.L., LL.,B. from university Law College, Bangalore in the year 2012.

Call: +91 99007 79376

Vaibav M. Iyengar

B.A.L., L.L., B

Vaibav is one of the founding partners of the law – firm, Iyengar & Pai Advocates based in Bangalore. He graduated with a B.A.L., LL., B. from the Bangalore Institute of Legal Studies in the year 2012.

Call: +91 98863 11611